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The Legion Rises: Omnibus


  • Ryan James Fitzgerald


  • Paranormal & Urban
  • Adventure
This omnibus edition collects all three titles in The Legion Rises series: Crashed, A Novella; Carundas, A Novella; and The Machine.

They crashed ... but it was no accident.

After abandoning their malfunctioning transport, the crew and passengers of the Starship Mathias crash-land on an unknown and hostile planet—Deus. While they search for the other survivors, they encounter fantastic and malevolent creatures populating the planet’s surface.

But within the wreckage of their escape pods lurks an insidious manifestation of the dead and the survivors are soon drawn into a maniacal sorcerer’s scheme to turn himself into a god and destroy all life in the universe, one planet at a time.

From Canadian fantasy and science fiction writer Ryan Fitzgerald, the author of sci-fi/fantasy series Shadows.