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Cunning Revenge: A High-Octane Technothriller (Agent Kefira Mossad Thriller: The Future of Warfare Book 1)


  • Michael James Gallagher


  • Political
  • Espionage
  • Terrorism
  • Military
  • Russian
  • Jewish
  • Biological & Chemical
  • Uniforms
  • Special Forces
  • Transportation

Pressured from all sides. If she makes one miscalculation, Israel perishes in a gasp of chemical fumes.

A bomber, part of an annihilation plot, misconstrues his rescuer. His last breath reveals an insidious connection.
Can she uphold her pledge of 'never again'? 
An Elite agent, but an ordinary woman, embarks on an impossible mission. 
A lead or a quagmire? 

Will she fathom the global web of deceit before it is too late?

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(Previously released as Tsunami Connection)