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Deadly Violet (The Raine's Landing Supernatural Thrillers Book 4)


  • Tony Richards


  • Witches & Wizards
  • Paranormal & Urban
  • Paranormal
THERE WERE REAL WITCHES IN SALEM BACK IN 1692. Wise and gifted, they foresaw the coming Witchcraft Trials and fled from that place to the Central Massachusetts city of Raine’s Landing. And the township has been full of magic ever since … the good kind and the bad. Because a dark, enduring curse has been cast on the Landing. Nobody who is born here can ever leave.

Which means they’re sitting ducks for any supernatural beings that come calling.

It’s late December now. People are getting ready for the holidays, scarcely guessing what is coming their way next. Because a psychic beggar girl in the town’s Victorian past has gotten hold of a magical jewel that massively expands her powers -- she has reached out with her mind through time itself, making contact with Raine’s Landing in the present day. The only problem is, she’s warped the fabric of reality by doing that. Rows of houses begin vanishing, with their occupants still inside. Bizarre creatures, some of them extremely dangerous, start to roam the streets. And if Ross, Cassie, and Doc Willets are going to stop their hometown from disappearing altogether, then they’re going to need an awful lot of help.

"Deadly Violet just hums along, taking you at high speed to places of which you have never dreamed. In fact, I think (it) is the best Raine's Landing novel to date. Be sure to pick up a copy of this superb fantasy" -- The Deepening Review Site.