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The Only Genuine Jones (Tales of Ice and Iron Book 2)


  • Alex Roddie


  • Historical
  • Mountaineering
  • Historical Fiction
A challenge for honour turns into a fight for survival at 12,000 feet.

Beneath the polite veneer of Victorian society, a small group of eccentric men and women live double lives as mountaineers. The maverick rock climber O.G. Jones and a young Aleister Crowley are rivals in this dangerous new world. Both are brilliant and ambitious, but their concept of honour could not be more different.

Together their journey takes them from the Highlands of Scotland to the most lethal mountain wall in the Alps, where Jones is confronted with a terrible choice: risk death and dishonour, or allow Crowley to triumph and destroy everything he believes in.


"A smooth read ... the author's passion for his subject matter is abundant on every page."
-- TGO Magazine official review

"A rollicking good yarn"
-- Author Chris Townsend

"Read (it) as a novel and it's a real page turner, building up a flawed but believable hero in parallel with a villain that manages to elicit feelings of sympathy at times. Read it as a mountaineering book and you'll start questioning your own knowledge of history. Either way you'll be left wanting more."
-- MyOutdoors official review

"This is extraordinarily accomplished storytelling - tense, taut and deeply atmospheric... The thrill of climbing is tangible, as is the sense of human frailty. This is an adventure story, a love story, a historical fantasy - but above all, this is a book in praise of the awesomeness of Nature and the men who risked their lives to be amongst it."
-- Susan Fletcher, award-winning author of Corrag, The Silver Dark Sea, and others

"... Aleister Crowley, the north face of the Eiger, murder and mayhem; really, what's not to love? It's a fine winter read. I cannot recommend this book enough."
-- Mike Hogan, author of Sherlock Holmes and Young Winston and others

"...very well crafted with a plot that hung together well and strong characters that pulled things along nicely... The whole alternative reality idea worked well for me."
-- Chris Highcock, author of Hillfit: Fitness training for hiking, backpacking and hillwalking

"The book has a number of strengths and I particularly enjoyed the brisk plot, the cast of historical characters and the fascinating, flawed hero, O.G. Jones. Anyone with even a passing interest in the history of British mountaineering will recognise the names Collie, Raeburn and Crowley to name but three. The settings too will be familiar to anyone with a love of the mountains: the Clachaig in Glencoe and Wastdale Head in the Lake District being popular places in mountain lore then and now."
-- Nick Bramhall, outdoor blogger