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The 5th Amulet


  • SJ Hailey


  • Technothrillers
  • Adventure
  • Men's Adventure
June 30th 1908 Meteorite explodes over Russia.

February 15th 2013 Meteorite explodes over Russia.

This is not a coincidence.

Read 'The 5th Amulet', debut novel from SJ Hailey and discover the truth.

Top 100 Bestseller on these Kindle Charts: Techno-thriller, Alternate History, Men's Adventure, Action Adventure.


The world is full of secrets.
Throughout history people have died to reveal or conceal them.

A group in South America have protected a secret device from recorded history.
The myth of its existence brought Chinese treasure ships across an unexplored ocean.

Almost 600 years later two ships are found in unexplained places. Both contain secrets that could change the world.

Explorer Jacob Mathias discovers a power that will lead him into conflict with governments and a mercenary General.

Ex-soldier Archer Mathias is on the run framed for murder. He discovers a plot to kill his father and anyone else who knows about a secret device. He races across a continent to intercept the threat to his estranged father.

The inevitable collision in a remote jungle could have devastating consequences for the world.

The ultimate power.
The ultimate price.
Is the 5th amulet the key to our salvation or destruction?