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Splinters in Three Souls (Tatsuro Calesani, Chaos Mage Book 2)


  • Ryan Viergutz


  • Fantasy
  • Science Fiction
During an investigation into a series of earthquakes, the chaos mage Tatsuro Calesani experiences an attack on his powers. It could crush the web of fate that he treasures. The exact attack originates from another chaos mage.

He becomes embroiled in the schemes of La Familia Selva, Chicaygo's elvish mafia. Its leader, Grover Terthanatos, controls the site of a chemical spill, called the Hazardous Zone. The Lishera Corporation and its ambitious VP Narita Lakishu both want complete ownership of the Zone.

To stop the destruction of his chaos magic in a dangerous ritual, Tatsuro puts his trust in the mysterious mercenary Aila Watami, interferes with La Familia Selva's plan and changes Lishera Corporation. His livelihood on the line, Tatsuro could get through this alive, but he'll be lucky if he's whole.