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Shadows, Episode 2: Fear


  • Ryan James Fitzgerald


  • Paranormal & Urban
  • Superheroes
  • Adventure
  • Genetic Engineering
  • Superhero
Every action has its consequences.

In the second episode of Shadows, Bryan McAllister refuses to deal with the consequences of his hazardous mistakes and instead takes Dr. Whitly's offer to go to New York City to hunt down a monster—Larien Russell.

After the attack on Dr. Audrey Harris, a string of murders puzzle the New York Police Department. Bryan quickly discovers that Russell, a man whose psychic powers lead his victims to suicide, is on a killing spree and will not stop until somebody makes him.

From Canadian fantasy and science fiction writer Ryan Fitzgerald, the author of The Legion Rises, the series continues …

Includes a preview of the next episode of Shadows.

This episode word count: ~25,500