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The Conference


  • Diane Nelson


  • Short Stories
  • Romantic Comedy
  • Single Authors
  • Romance
3rd Edition: expanded
"Snappy dialogue and a funny set of circumstances made this book a pleasure to read."
"I absolutely loved this story. Immediately engaging, I couldn't help being drawn in by Maggie's (our intrepid and slightly soft-around-the-edges protagonist) wit and healthy sense of self-effacing humor. So many one-liners had me chuckling out loud."

Barry’s the Golden Boy with a killer corporate style and a former running back build.

Sam’s the techno-nerd with soft brown eyes and a smile that melts glass.

Sanji’s the world class soccer star, model, man-about-the-continent, and the face of Raji Enterprises.

In a tropical paradise in the Bermuda Triangle, corporate giants come to a business conference to wheel and deal. The stakes: a half billion dollar prospectus with shares up for negotiation.

Maggie’s the systems analyst whose expertise will seal the deal. Confident in her numbers, but not in herself, Maggie becomes an unaccustomed center of attention and the unwitting victim in a game of corporate one-upsmanship.

The question is: what will it take to get the negotiations back on track?

With three men vying for her favors, can Maggie afford the distraction—a distraction giving new meaning to the term hot and sultry?