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Stricken By Entropy (Tatsuro Calesani, Chaos Mage Book 1)


  • Ryan Viergutz


  • Fantasy
  • Science Fiction
Chaos mage Tatsuro Calesani took a job to steal important blueprints and chemicals. The executive Narita Lakishu knows where to find them.

When his plans to encounter Lakishu in controlled conditions collapse, he's forced to improvise with the help of the mysterious mercenary Aila Watami. A young girl by the name of Tenariat, subject of a twisted experiment, will assist him when she learns about her new skills.

Neither Tatsuro nor Ms. Lakishu saw the result of this mission ahead of time. It will take them by surprise and carry repercussions for years.

Stricken By Entropy is a 29,000 word novella, the first in a planned trilogy.