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The Nuclear Catastrophe (a fiction novel of survival) (Nuclear Fiction Novels of Survival Book 1)


  • Barbara C. Griffin Billig
  • Bett Pohnka


  • Crime
  • Thriller & Suspense
  • Earth Sciences
  • Thriller
  • Technothrillers
  • Geophysics
Set in Southern California, this is the story about the people living and working near a nuclear power plant that experiences a large earthquake. The book follows the paths of Ben Harrington, head of the nuclear power plant and Sara, his pregnant wife. Frank and Paula Waring with two children live in San Mirado, an adjacent town. Althea Carr is their school teacher, and Cecil Yeager is employed as an accountant at a nearby chemical plant. Each chooses different solutions to deal with the problems that arise after the catastrophe. This book brings home the reality of what would or could happen. No one can be so arrogant as to believe it will NEVER happen, especially after the events of March 11, 2011, in Fukushima, Japan. History has shown us time after time that...what can go wrong...will go wrong.

This is the 4th edition of the originally published hardcover novel. Technology has moved with lightning speed since the story was written many years ago predicting this type accident would occur. Now we actually know for sure what was denied for thirty years - that this accident can happen. Sadly Fukushima, Japan, was a replica of this novel's story line. And since years have passed since the Fukushima disaster, we now know much more realistically what the aftermath is like.

Unfortunately, the United States and many other countries also have nuclear reactors that are over forty years old that are the same design as those that experienced meltdowns in Fukushima. It is a foregone conclusion that as these reactors age, or new ones are operated by incompetent third world countries, or attacked by terrorists, more nuclear catastrophes are in the future.

Radiation is a boring subject – you can't see it, you can't hear it, you can't feel it – until it's too late. But what if you were warned that more than the normal amount was released into your area? What would you do? Where would you go? This fiction novel is about what should NEVER happen. But what if it did...near where you live...or work?

Read what these fictional characters experienced and the choices that they made – and be better prepared to make your own choices.