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They Met Jesus: A Child's Life of Christ


  • Katheryn Maddox Haddad


  • Historical
  • Social Issues
  • Jesus
  • Christian
485 Pages, 80 stories in large print.

Children at bedtime
Children at leisure
Sunday school
Home schoolers


Each chapter ends with “Think & Do” to help the child apply the story to their own life. There are suggestions to do such things as take a flower to a neighbor, talk to a child at school no one likes, give a cookie to someone who bullies them, read a chapter from this book to an elderly person.


Individual books are available so the child can collect the set.

An adult version under the same name gives the same stories on an adult level with bibliography and life-application discussion questions.


Book 1 ~ Star Song
Book 2 ~ Dream Maker
Book 3 ~ Hearts Afire
Book 4 ~ Folk Hero
Book 5 ~ Flood Gates
Book 6 ~ Promise Keeper
Book 7 ~ Shadow of Death
Book 7 ~ Come Fly With Me

Book one: Mary was too young, Elizabeth too old, Joseph too gullible, the shepherds too smelly, Anna too senile, Simeon too idealistic, Salome too flippant. The wise men should have minded their own business, Zachariah should have accepted he’d never have children, King Herod dared control God, the Oriental scholars dared interpret God.

Book two: Governor Pilate only tolerated his subjects, John the Baptist tried to change them, Satan threw up roadblocks that never seemed to work. Future apostles Andrew was always bringing in outsiders, Philip insisted on proof, and Nathaniel was naive. The temple merchants lived off religion, Nichodemus tried to reform religion, and Peter's mother-in-law dwelt in her religion. The pagan Samaritan searched with hope, the royal official probed with fortitude, the centurion encountered with power.

Book three: Future apostles Simon fought Rome and Matthew joined Rome, while Judas seemed the only level-headed one. Zebedee sacrificed his sons, while a widow saw her son return to life. People with demons fell desperately at his feet and lepers sought him in hopelessness. Hypocrites condemned him; the morally paralyzed fought his forgiveness.

Book four: Religious leaders cornered him, theologians stalked him, the wealthy helped him. For the commoner, he conquered demons, controlled nature, created food, destroyed death. Hometown friends tried to kill him, while cousin John gained a glory home.

Book five: Jesus survived death threats, calmed misdirected power, talked with the spirit world. He released people of handicaps, gave an adulteress hope, rested with friends, then raised the dead. And the hypocrite religious leaders finalized plans to kill him.

Book six: A traitor praised him, a woman crowned him, foreigners sought him. The world ran after him, Judas ran from him, his apostles deserted him. He held his own funeral service, then begged God to free him of his promise. The religious leaders were unmasked, and King Herod wrestled with just who he was.

Book seven: Pilate was cornered by the people, Simon was cornered by the executioners. Jesus writhed in pain on the cross that should have been ours, and invaded hell to provide escape for us. The thieves struggled with their mortality, Joseph struggled with religiosity, the guards struggled with impossibility. Jesus saw the women, pursued Peter, and lifted up the depressed.

Book eight of eight: His apostles refused to believe, while Thomas declared him God. Jesus dared and prepared his apostles to conquer the world. He interrupted his own memorial service and renewed five hundred of his closest friendships. He helped his brother, James, over the last faith hurdle, turned the movement over to his apostles, then returned at last to the outstretched arms of his heavenly Father. Religious leaders fought in vain to put out the new church’s torch, Jesus invited the last apostle to visit him in heaven.