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All the Things I Know: A Pride and Prejudice Variation


  • Audrey Ryan


  • Contemporary
  • New Adult & College
  • Romantic Comedy
Lizzie Venetidis is confident in her decisions. Moving to Seattle with her sister Jane after she graduated from Stanford, for instance, was a no‑brainer. Adult life, however, turns out to be more difficult to navigate than she expected.
What career should she pursue with a bachelor’s degree in art history and no marketable experience amongst a tech-heavy job market? How responsible is it to drink that fourth cocktail while out with friends? And what should she do about Darcy — the aloof yet captivating guy she met her first night in town?
"All the Things I Know" is a one-mistake-at-a-time retelling of "Pride & Prejudice" set against the backdrop of modern-day, techie Seattle. Full of wry observations, heartache, and life lessons, "All the Things I Know" shares the original’s lessons of correcting ill-conceived first impressions and learning who you really are.