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Boro Football Poems 2010/2011: Four Seasons With High Expectations


  • Khadim Hussain


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The first digital edition of "The Bard of Boro" Khadim Hussain's poetry and the second book of Boro Football poems. These are the verse that capture the feelings of the supporters of Middlesbrough "Boro" FC. They have already been inducted in to the repository of the vibrant culture of this North-East English town, but this is the first time that it shall be possible to download them and avail them to a global readership

"Poetry that encapsulates the passion that lies in the heart of every Boro fan." Steve Gibson, Chairman, Middlesbrough Football Club

"An incredible up, down and up season, it was such a rocky, stomach churning ride
it might even have driven me to verse. I think I'll leave that for the poet, Khadim,
week by week he dissects public opinion and then puts it back together again on
paper. That's why they are calling him Khadim the Riverside chronicler."
Rob Nichols, Editor of fmthm fanzine and website

“Khadim Hussain writes football poems like no one else, he humorously and
quirkily chronicles the roller-coaster emotions of an armchair fan over a season or
so in the dizzying contrast of high illusion and inevitable disappointment that every
true Boro disciple knows so well", Andy Willoughby, Former Middlesbrough Poet Laureate

"Khadim Hussain, the “Boro Poet”, strikes again with another diverse and heartfelt
collection of poetry and more, celebrating the highs and lows of the 2010/2011
season. Here’s hoping the next season proves as inspiring to him!"- Laura Degnan, Director, Writers’ Block North East

"There’s a great tradition of singing and humour on the terraces, not just at
Middlesbrough but at football clubs up and down the land. Khadim’s poetry is
very much in that vein, taking an affectionate look at the lighter side of life.
I’m sure supporters of all ages will greatly enjoy his latest collection."
Ray Mallon, Middlesbrough Mayor