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Going For A Curry?


  • Khadim Hussain


  • History
  • World
  • 20th Century
Have you ever wondered what curry is?
Who coined the name? When did curry come to Britain? What caused the curry
revolution and who was responsible? How did curry become one of Britain’s favourite dishes? Who opened the first curry house in Middlesbrough? Who owned the majority of the curry houses in Middlesbrough and Britain? Why did all curry houses have flock wallpaper and red carpets?

These and other questions are explored within this book.

“Indian restaurants now have nearly two hundred years of history in Britain and the oldest surviving establishment, Veeraswamy in Piccadilly, is 90 years old this year. Each town and city has its own story to tell about how immigration and the coming of the ‘local Indian’ has affected and added to local life and in this work Khadim Hussain has done an invaluable job in ensuring the Middlesbrough tale is recorded
for future generations.”
Peter Grove - author ‘Curry, Spice & All Things Nice’ and ‘Curry Culture’

“I unreservedly commend it to everyone; historians, other local community writers and chroniclers, the entire Asian community on Teesside, and – not least – to the customers at the booming number of restaurants and takeaways that now seemingly stand at every street corner in the busy centres of Middlesbrough, Stockton and the other towns of the Tees Valley. This book should be read by every section of our local society, and from whatever country or continent they are from. This book is a unique extension of the local history of Teesside and Teesside’s people.”
Dr Ashok Kumar M.P.