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Caelestis Series: Books 1-3 Plus Aelwyd: Home


  • Louisa Locke


  • Science Fiction
  • Coming of Age
  • Adventure
  • Space Opera
  • Time Travel
  • Colonization
  • Space Exploration
  • Fantasy
  • Action & Adventure
Mabel Yu is one of the ten Founding Families of the Paradisi Project who left a dying Earth to settle New Eden. Jaxon is Mabel’s friend and a Reacher, the group of men and women who were responsible for the success of the Paradisi Project. Mei Lin Yu is Mabel’s descendent who discovers a secret about her family and the native Ddaerans that will forever change her destiny. Silence is a sentient snowcat who bridges the divisions between Founders, Ddaerans, and Reachers. These individuals will shape the future of humanity as it struggles to escape the failures that destroyed Earth and build a new paradise in a far-away galaxy.

The three books and the bonus short story in this boxed set are the first works in USA Today bestselling author Locke’s Caelestis series, a coming of age, action adventure series that is part of the Paradisi Chronicles, an open-source science fiction world created by multiple authors. This set includes:

Book 1: Between Mountain and Sea
Book 2: Under Two Moons
Book 3: Through Ddaera’s Touch
Plus a short story: Aelwyd: Home