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Busters of Bitter River: A Historical Western Romance


  • Stanley McShane


  • Historical
  • Western
  • Historical Fiction
  • Westerns
  • Romance
Ride that nostalgic horse with "Red" Rileau back to the late 1920's and live the desert southwest life through the eyes of the author as the Wild West enters a new era!

Red returns to the Bitter River range that had known young Cal in the days before art school in Baltimore. Two years of gentile Baltimore society as an art student had provided him with appreciation for finer things than bronc busting and gun fanning and provided a keen interest in Polly Belmont, who had grown into a fine figure of a woman during his absence.

The Bitter River ran sluggishly two hundred yards from the corrals of his ranch and was the point of contention between the Circle S and the Double-Y, the neighboring ranch owned by Tom Belmont. Cal Rileau became sole heir to ten thousand arid Arizona acres following the death of Buckeye Rileau leaving the water rights conflict unresolved. Now, in addition, there were violent confrontations with a local prohibitionist operating out of the desert canyons.

On the cusp between the western world as he remembers it and the eastern dawning of the industrial age, Cal must reconcile the people and the conflicts and bring water to thirsty cattle.