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Hot Air Promotions: A Miner's Story of Exploration and Stock Investments


  • Stanley McShane


  • Historical
  • Reference & Collections
"There's a Sucker Born Every Minute," thought to be contributed by P. T. Barnum was actually uttered by a competitor of the Barnum & Bailey Circus. While he was referring to the customers of the famous circus, it could certainly be attributed to that period of time when mining and oil stocks were exploding on the exchanges early in the first and second decade of the 1900's. Gold and silver mines were being discovered and touted every day as well as this country's fledgling oil company stock exchanges. The west was being heavily mined and there were numerous opportunities to place hard-earned dollars in the hopes of reaping many thousands in return. Back then you couldn't help but win big. Right? Get in on the ground floor and follow along with Stanley as he begins his roller-coaster investment strategy.