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Cocos Island Treasure: You Can Still Find Pirate Booty If You Know Where to Look!


  • Stanley McShane


  • Historical
  • Sea Stories
  • Historical Fiction
Where did those rasty, barbaric theft-driven pirates bury their treasures in the 17th and 18th Centuries? Perhaps just a little south of the main South Sea shipping lane in a secluded harbor where a short paddle through shark-infested waters to the steamy, fetid jungle island could yield fresh water, food, and gold! Turn-of-the-20th Century fortune hunters from the schooner, Bessie, hunt where only ghosts inhabit--or are they all merely apparitions? Captain Dan was ready to retire until he gained access to a secret cipher--one that he felt sure was authentic enough to reap him millions and willing to risk one more salty adventure to seek the insanely rich treasures of Cocos Island.