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Dream Maker (They Met Jesus Book 2)


  • Katheryn Maddox Haddad


  • New Testament
  • Religious
  • Religion & Spirituality
This is a lyrical novel with the reader is inserted into the story. And at the end of each chapter are discussion questions, ancient historical records cited, and scriptures used as a basis for the story.

At the end of the book are suggested chapter readings for special occasions. It also has a three-page bibliography of all books consulted while writing all eight volumes of "They Met Jesus".

This is not just a novel. It is much more.


Governor Pilate only tolerated his subjects, John the Baptist tried to change them, Satan threw up roadblocks that never seemed to work. Future apostles Andrew was always bringing in outsiders, Philip insisted on proof, and Nathaniel was naive. The temple merchants lived off religion, Nicodemus tried to reform religion, and Peter's mother-in-law dwelt in her religion. The pagan Samaritan searched with hope, the royal official probed with fortitude, the centurion encountered with power.

Come meet the people who met Jesus. You are one of them. Probably you are several of them. Go ahead and struggle with them as they did. Laugh. Cry. Do mental battle with him. Emotional battle too. Fight for your faith as they fought. Pause to listen for what you've never heard before. Then touch Jesus.

This is the story of faith in the impossible. Hope in the inconceivable. Love for the invincible. It is the dreams of youth, the desperations of infirmity, the hopes of age, and the song of eternity.

Follow the suspense in their terrorist-dominated world as each person in Jesus' life comes to terms with who they are, and who Jesus is.

It is the story of doubts explained away, animosities melted away, misunderstandings cleared away. It is your story and mine. For deep within each of us is everyone who ever met and struggled with Jesus.

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Welcome, now, to the life of Jesus through the eyes of 100 people who met and struggled with him.

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