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Visitors: ... and other tales of the Old West (Collected short stories Book 3)


  • Nik Morton


  • Westerns
  • Short Stories
Whether it’s the Sierras of the 1790s or the Chicago boxing ring of the 1920s, or any time in between, the characters of the Old West can be found in these stories.

Gambling played a significant part, too, among the cowboys herding their steers, or on the paddle-wheelers of the Mississippi or the proliferation of ‘last chance’ saloons throughout the west.

Conflict with the Indians was not always straight-forward, either. There were shades of grey – notably in the guise of the Apache called Gray Wolf. Here, too, you’ll find the harsh conditions of the slums in 1860s New York and the vicious gangs.

Always, individuals attempt to rise above adversity and grasp the opportunities that the ‘new land’ offers.

Why not visit now and throw your hat into the ring, and take a chance and hazard all?