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The Whole She-Bang 2: 24 Stories by Sisters In Crime Canada


  • Lou Allin
  • Catherine Astolfo
  • Melodie Campbell
  • Miriam Clavir
  • Jill Downie
  • Elaine Ruth Mitchell
  • Judy Penz Sheluk
  • Steve Shrott
  • Linda Wiken


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24 Mystery short Stories by 21 members of Sisters in Crime in Canada. The stories are by both established and new authors. Some are set in far flung locations, but most of them are set in Canada from Vancouver Island to the Arctic, Ontario to Alberta! They include settings and themes that are 100% current while others are drawn from the pages of history. They are traditional and noir, serious and funny. Above all they will keep you turning the pages from beginning to end!

Margaret Cannon in her December 19 Globe and Mail review on must read stocking stuffers says: "The short story is a mainstay of crime writing. Most authors try it and many graduate from short to longer pieces. The Sisters In Crime anthologies showcase some known and many (as yet) unknown writers. This new one includes a great piece by the late much-loved Lou Allin, as well as a batch of good stories from writers Catherine Astolfo, Melodie Campbell and Jill Downie."