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War and Vegetables: A Chronicle of the Last Gas Station


  • Robert Run


  • Environmental Economics
  • Literary
  • Satire
  • Teen & Young Adult
What’s going to happen to the old gas station now that oil subsidies have ended? Does a half-oblivious, needlessly anxious business school dropout figure out he can relax? Who and what really holds things together when things get tough and real? Who the heck is responsible for training corporatist infiltrators anyway? Is it possible to heal after experiencing Evangelicals? How does baseball and DIY music have to do with everything? As you’ll find out, there can be some joy in the throes.

War and Vegetables: A Chronicle of The Last Gas Station follows three college grads and a small town as they recover from the low-intensity warfare of corporatism. Watch them begin rebuilding after decades of political fleecing, finagling, and bail-outs.

Speculative Fiction, Satire, Easytopian, FiveMinutopian