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The Hex Factor - and other Quintessentially Quirky Tales


  • Iain Pattison
  • Alison Lock


  • Short Stories
  • Humorous
  • General Humor
  • Satire
  • Single Authors
  • Literature & Fiction
Bite-sized laugh out loud twist-ender comedy tales from humorist Iain Pattison guaranteed to brighten up even the most maddening commute. Be prepared for fits of giggles, stares from other passengers and becoming so engrossed that you miss your stop!

In this fourth instalment in the Quintessentially Quirky collection of Iain's best offbeat tales, you'll encounter:
•an old crone who finds her gingerbread cottage breaks planning regulations
•the Bethlehem hotel that takes unholy umbrage at Joseph's No Room at the Inn TripAdvisor review
•Pinocchio in serious trouble when puberty strikes
•Quasimodo causing a ding dong with late night concert goers
•And an 18th century nobleman who scandalises polite society by accidentally inventing the wet bonnet competition.

From the droll and slapstick to the surreal and silly, this fun compilation is guaranteed to make you chuckle if you love Carry On Films, sketch shows, hysterical history and freaky fables.

And an extra treat:

We're delighted to include a guest story by one of Iain's favourite authors, Alison Lock. In The Mission she charts the miraculous mishaps that befall a man with a fear of heights who floats into the sky tethered to 900 party balloons!