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Glow Grass and Other Tales


  • M.H. Callway


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Revenge, guide dogs, cats big and small, beleaguered ladies of a certain age, troubled men, a cop with a tarnished heart: meet them here. The characters in these seven tales and two novellas are fighters. They fight for justice, even if their sense of justice is warped, but more often they must fight to save their own lives.

Many of the stories in this collection have won or been short-listed for major awards like the Derringer. Glow Grass was a finalist for the 2016 Arthur Ellis Award for Best Novella.

"Madeleine Harris Callway is a highly skilled writer of power and purpose. Glow Grass showcases her remarkable ability to draw a picture of the daily lives of ordinary people that somehow becomes a portrait of unavoidable terror. Whether it is a boss whose attitude inspires the desire to kill, or a romantic relationship that changes rapidly from dream to nightmare or a trip to cottage country so hellish that the reader will never want to go there again, these stories skillfully cross the line between the usual and the terrifying. Even innocent pets are suspect. And you will never think about having a government job in the same way in the future. This is a collection not to be missed and an experience not to be forgotten." ~ Rosemary Aubert, author of the award-winning Ellis Portal mystery series

"Enjoy every gem in this fine collection by the very talented M.H. Callway. These award-winning stories are dark, funny, insightful and original and they deal with every manner of life's vicissitudes. From workplaces deceptions to life crises and trying to start over but getting tripped up in revenge, this collection has it all from intriguing flash fiction and speculative fiction to a compelling novella. Callway’s elegance prose and gripping plots will have you hooked!" ~ Lisa de Nikolits, winner Bronze Ippy Award, 2016