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The Mad Girls of Angel Maker Lake


  • Rannva Saltoft


  • Gothic
  • Literary
  • Romance
  • Literature & Fiction
Short story of 8,300 words (c 28 pages).
A revival of the Gothic Horror story and a prequel to Rannva Saltoft's Scandinavian debut novel, "Killing Birch" (to be published in October).
Meet the mad twins, Lily and Ivy, bound for the Asylum after a ghastly encounter with a suitor, but a dark man follows them while they are traveling through "Murder Forest". Will they get there alive?
The short story offers a brilliant opportunity to get acquainted with the main characters of "Killing Birch", cranky old Mrs. Kofoed and her rescue children Jenny and Birch. Besides, it is a treat for any reader with a crush on the Victorian age.