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Six Dead Men (The Robert Deed Series)


  • Rae Stoltenkamp


  • Psychological
  • Murder
Snapshots of six dead men – their lives steeped in squalor. Six lives extinguished in mysterious circumstances. In life they infected what they touched and in death they continue to wreak havoc. But even contemptible men deserve to have their deaths explained. Don’t they? So reasons Detective Inspector Robert Deed.

Then there’s Madie Bricot. She just wants to live the normal life of a twenty-six year old. Now her boyfriend is dead and the last thing she’s expecting is to be the main suspect in Detective Inspector Robert Deed's investigation.

But Madie is about to learn some things about herself which terrify her into running. Meanwhile Detective Inspector Deed must battle against his attraction for Madie and prove what he already knows - her guilt.