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The Holy Spirit: 592 Verses Examined


  • Katheryn Maddox Haddad


  • Spiritual Growth
  • New Testament
  • Religion & Spirituality
(Formerly titled "The Holy Spirit in 365 Scriptures", with the 365 referring to passages, sometimes with several verses.)

There are numerous books on the Holy Spirit, but they are based on only a few Bible verses. This study was not done to prove the author’s or anyone else’s pet assessment of the Holy Spirit. The study was made with the desire to forget all pre-conceived notions and opinions, and discover only God’s opinion.

The Bible has 592 verses on the Holy Spirit and God’s Spirit. This is the only book of its kind to cover all verses. All other books take a few ideas about the Holy Spirit and elaborate on them.

To make sense out of all 592 verses, they were categorized according to what you see in the table of contents in this book ~ the types of people affected by the Holy Spirit.

Within each category, are sub-categories, usually based on how the Holy Spirit connected with each person, and how each person reacted.

The same subcategory terms will sometimes appear in each category of the people the Holy Spirit affected. At first those little words may seem to have no special significance. But as you progressed through them, you will see that even little words like “within” and “upon”, and “full” sometimes had big significance. All those word studies prepare you for the even more dynamic later chapters in the book.

The study is based on the New King James Version of the Bible.

Read through these chapters, not to prove what you already believe, but with an open mind and heart that perhaps you don’t believe in enough things the Holy Spirit does, or you believe in more things than the scriptures actually teach.

Let us be careful that we do not go beyond what is written (I Corinthians 4:6). Now, let us gear up for all things God’s Holy Spirit does, and get ready to be amazed.