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BRAINWASHED: A Thriller (Killer Thrillers Book 1)


  • Ruth Harris
  • Michael Harris


  • Psychological Thrillers
  • Political
  • Historical
  • Psychological
  • Financial
  • Pulp
  • Noir
  • Kidnapping
“POWERFUL! BRILLIANT! Slick and sexy! Written by pros who know how to tell a story.” —Publisher's Weekly

Zeb Marlowe, the physically scarred and psychologically maimed survivor of a top secret CIA mind-control experiment, has begun to remake his life when Jai Jai Leland, the beautiful widow of a man who didn't survive, asks him to help her solve the mystery behind her husband's shocking murder.

Marlowe, struggling to resist his attraction to Jai Jai, is pulled into her dangerous quest despite himself. Together they search for brilliant psychiatrist, Dr. Victor Ressid, creator of the diabolical experiments that ravaged Marlowe’s mind and turned ordinary, decent people into terrorists.

Meanwhile, stripped of his medical credentials and in thrall to perverse erotic desires, Ressid is consumed by fantasies of revenge against Marlowe, the only subject to defy him.

Against an ominous background of escalating global terrorism, Marlowe and Jai Jai must risk their lives to stop a nuclear threat that will destroy the security of the entire world even as they wonder if Marlowe, too, has been turned into a suicide bomber.

International in scope, Brainwashed takes place on the beautiful islands of the Caribbean, in Damascus and Dublin, in the Philippines, Washington, DC, and in an underground torture chamber located on Victor Ressid's secluded private estate located near the Mexico-Belize border.

Brainwashed is based on illegal real-life psychiatric experiments known by the code name MK-ULTRA and conducted on human subjects by the CIA in American and Canadian universities.

“Thrills, gut-churning suspense, nightmarish terror. I dare you to put it down.” —Bob Mayer, bestselling author