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HUSBANDS AND LOVERS (Park Avenue Series, Book #2)


  • Ruth Harris


  • Historical
  • Psychological Thrillers
  • Contemporary Fiction
  • Coming of Age
  • United States
  • Women's Fiction
  • Psychological
  • Suspense

A lonely wife. A jealous husband. A passionate lover. A gun in a Tiffany bag.

The Married Woman—When shy wallflower, Carlys Webber marries multimillionaire Kirk Arnold, she thinks happily-ever-after is hers, but when Kirk changes from a loving husband to an angry stranger, will Carlys risk her precious marriage for a few moments of stolen passion with handsome architect, George Kouras?

The Single Woman—Fashion world superstar, Jade Mullen survives deception and divorce. She vows never to be betrayed again but what will she do when her passionate lover, architect George Kouras, asks her the one question she doesn’t want to answer?

The Husband—Kirk Arnold struggles to forget the dark secrets of his tormented past. He achieves one dazzling success after another but will he succumb to the tragedy that destroyed his family—and will Carlys pay the price?

The Lover—George Kouras rises from humble beginnings to the top of his profession. He and Jade fall madly in love and think they have discovered a new way to live happily ever after, but what will she do when she finds out about George and Carlys?

Set in the glittering world of fashion and in high-powered executive suites, in run-down houses, ethnic neighborhoods and sedate suburbs, Husbands And Lovers is about men and women losing—and finding themselves—in the gritty 1970s and glitzy 1980s.

Originally published in hard cover by MacMillan.

"Sharply and stylishly written. Harris writes with intellect, insight and humor." —The Chicago Sun-Times

“Harris’s empathy for her women, especially the ugly duckling who makes herself into a swan, adds a satisfying dimension of reality. Steamy and fast-paced, you will be spellbound.” —Cosmopolitan