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Of Fire and Ash: Fairy Queens


  • Amber Argyle


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  • Horror
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  • Epic
  • Teen & Young Adult

"A captivating series!" –Jennifer A. Nielsen, New York Times bestselling author

There is one rule above all others: never bargain with the fae, for such bargains always morph into curses. But as the drought worsens, Nelay must rely more and more on her forbidden sight to keep her family alive. When her father goes missing, she risks exposure to find him before time runs out. And when she arrives too late, the fairies are the only ones who can save him. All they require is a simple bargain that she'll return the favor one day.

Some bargains are lethal.

Fairy Queens Saga

Two families cursed by the fae to be immortal enemies must find a way to forgive past wrongs and combine their magic - one of fire, the other of ice - to save their dying world. You've met Ilyenna and her winter magic. Now meet her rival, Nelay. Just a child in this novelette, Nelay has no idea the intricate web the fae have woven to ensnare her in their wicked curse. Buy Of Fire and Ash now!