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  • Olga Swan


  • Jewish
  • Historical Fiction
  • France

Karin Schmidt, a former German citizen working for the British government, has disappeared during a spying mission in south-west France. Reporter David Klein is tasked with her search, which he gladly undertakes, despite the risks. In 1939, Karin had helped a Jewish family escape from Germany – and rescued him from Kletschkau prison. He owes her his life. But will he be in time to save her?

Set against the historical background of the Vichy government, the story shows an explosive Adolf Hitler and an irascible Winston Churchill, culminating in Philippe Pétain’s nail-biting trial for treason. David Klein and Karin Schmidt live through agonising times of danger.

Book #2 of the David Klein War Reporter series.

Lamplight: Book #1 of the David Klein War Reporter series is also available.