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The Sixth Labyrinth (The Child of the Erinyes Book 5)


  • Rebecca Lochlann


  • Literary
  • Mythology & Folk Tales
  • Historical
  • Sagas
  • Fairy Tales
“Lochlann evokes the world of Victorian times as effortlessly as she did when she conjured the ancient world.” Elisabeth Storrs, author of The Wedding Shroud, The Golden Dice, and Call to Juno

Shortlisted, the Ozma Award for fantasy and the Chatelaine, for romantic fiction

Book Five, The Child of the Erinyes series. A new myth from Ancient Greece.

Morrigan Lawton lives a lonely, wearying existence in a land that long ago turned its back on magic and myth.

Curran Ramsay enjoys every advantage and is loved by all who know him. Yet none of his successes can rid him of the sense that he is missing something, or someone. It haunts every moment, awake and in dreams.

Twenty years ago, the sea stole Aodhàn Mackinnon's memories and nearly drowned him. Now a penniless fisherman, his heart reels from an agony he cannot quite remember--until the landowner's new wife comes to Glenelg.

A silenced but enduring goddess has seen her place in the souls of mortals systematically destroyed.

But she bides her time.

For Athene, thousands of years mean nothing.

Ancient prophecy and the hand of a goddess propel the triad into the winding corridors of The Sixth Labyrinth.

The sea claims final possession, and leaves nothing behind.