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Dark Side Night


  • Maryn Sinclair


  • BDSM
  • Humorous
Who says you can’t learn new tricks after the age of forty?

It's tawdry, it's funny, and it's all about women's empowerment.

Long-time widow and bookstore owner Laura Holden harbors a secret passion: she reads racy romance novels and fantasizes being a character in one of the books, especially the naughty French governess, Giselle. When she meets her son’s sexy future father-in-law, they hit it off in more ways than one. No man has ignited her desires like Blake, and when he offers to take her to The Dark Side, a private sex club where anything goes, she’s more than willing.

After Professor Blake Conover’s ex-wife dumps him for a Dom, he vows he’ll never again be boring in bed. He embarks on an exploration of BDSM clubs to learn the ropes…and chains and cuffs. Blake finds in Laura a hot new partner eager to join him on an erotic adventure. But the novice turns the tables on the seasoned scholar with games of sexual one-upmanship that leaves him reeling. Laura’s an open book, but Blake has a secret he doesn’t want anyone to know. Will their game-playing turn serious, or will one of them wind up with a broken heart.