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Cataclysm (#3 in the 'Avenging Cat' series)


  • Nik Morton


  • International Mystery & Crime
  • Suspense
The Avenging Cat series 3

Cataclysm, a political or social upheaval

Some months after their adventure in Morocco, Catherine Vibrissae receives devastating news from Rick – news that will change her life.

Still determined to go to Shanghai to face down her arch enemy Malefice and end her vendetta once and for all, she thwarts an ambush by Cerberus’ head of security, Mr Soong.

To complicate matters, oligarch and people smuggler Belofsky is in Shanghai with his own agenda.

While Cat plays cat-and-mouse with Soong, she uncovers a conspiracy that could lead to war between China and Japan.


The 'Avenging Cat' series:

#1 Catalyst
#2 Catacomb
#3 Cataclysm
#4 Cat's Eye (coming in 2016)