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Fire And Ice


  • Mary O Sullivan


  • Family Life
  • Crime
  • Crime Fiction
Jack Cantor is an only child from a middle-class background. Academically brilliant, he is studying for his Leaving Certificate at just sixteen years of age and sure to score very high points for University entrance.

Jack’s intellectual ability is not matched by emotional intelligence. He has difficulty in forming friendship and is cold and withdrawn even with those closest to him. He is hurt by the rejection of his classmates, particularly Shane Mulcahy and his gang of followers, including the very pretty Susan Fennelly.

When Ingrid Vangen, the au pair who has reared Jack, hands in her notice and admits she is now afraid of him, the Cantor family have to face truths they would rather deny. Is their boy a ‘weirdo’ as Susan Fennelly and his classmates accuse? Is he dangerous, as Ingrid Vangen believes? Is he mentally unstable, as his father fears or is he independent and misunderstood as his mother claims? Is he bully or victim? Bad or mad?
The only person who can answer these questions is Jack himself. He takes us on a journey through loneliness, confusion, hatred and violence before finally leaving us with only one question. Why?