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The Night of The Mosquito: A gripping psychological thriller


  • Max China


  • Horror
  • Suspense
  • British
  • Psychological
August 10, 2014, England. An apocalyptic event strikes without warning, wiping out power and communications throughout the country. Amid the chaos, Wolfe, a six-foot-ten-inches tall cannibal escapes custody. Seemingly unstoppable, he leaves a trail of death and destruction as he heads for a sleepy town in the English countryside. Meanwhile, a lonely figure wracked with guilt haunts the scene of a childhood accident, while in the village of Churchend; retired hypnotherapist Michael Anderson suffers an extreme reaction to a mosquito bite. The resulting delirium and soul searching convince him his life is about to change – but first he must hold onto it.

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What people are saying about The Night of the Mosquito:

"Reads as if it were written by a highly agitated, very pent up, Stephen King, in a dark, foul mood." Source USA review.

"This riveting and brutal crime thriller kept me on the edge of my seat right from the start with its apocalyptic cataclysm, cannibalistic serial killer, compelling characters and glimmering of paranormal atonement. Dramatic and intense, the story moves along at a brisk pace with a series of chilling developments, intertwining the lives of a divergent assembly in one small town. An implied connection to Jack the Ripper and a gruesome (and thought provoking) reaction to a mosquito bite lend a horrific element to a plot that fuses people of different backgrounds, tragedies and motive to clamor for survival. A terrifying climactic ending with an unforeseen twist evokes a story with all the elements of a great thriller! I couldn't put it down!!"
A rich and varied cast of characters is portrayed in this gripping thriller. Filled with action, suspense and moving drama, you’ll root for the heroes of this roller-coaster ride of a story." Source USA review.

‘China's writing is great; he excels at bone-crunching action scenes.’ Source USA review.

'A fast-paced thrill-ride with the scariest character in a long time! Max China weaves together an escaped lunatic, a traumatized young man, and a town having trouble coming to grips with the aftermath of a natural phenomenon. This is a thriller in every sense.' Source USA review.

‘Where has this author been?? He's up there with Stephen King, James Patterson, Patricia Cornwell and the rest. You will not be disappointed by these books and characters.’ Source UK review.

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