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The Reader's Mini-Guide to New Russian Books: A Catalog of Post-Soviet Literature


  • Grigory Ryzhakov


  • Russian
  • Literature
  • Russian & Former Soviet Union
  • Encyclopedias
Russia has always been a mysterious country to the rest of the world. But what better way to discover Russian mentality than by reading Russian books? Considering the country’s controversial political image, it is strange that contemporary Russian literature is still in the shade compared to its classical and Soviet counterparts.
So who are the modern Russian authors and what have they been writing about? This guide to new Russian books is the first concise encyclopaedia to cover post-Soviet Russian literature. Over a hundred authors and two hundred titles are reviewed. For the convenience of readers, the mentioned books are categorized in sixteen chapters according to their themes/genres:
•Modern Russia: 1990s, Putin’s era and office prose
•Debut (modern fiction by young authors)
•The Soviet Period
•Women and Love
•Family Life
•Psychological Novel
•Prison Life
•Military and War
•Political Fiction
•Utopia and Dystopia
•Science Fiction and Fantasy
•Mystery, Crime, Adventure
•Postmodernism, Magic Realism, Philosophical and Metaphysical Fiction

At the end of the book, the full bibliography and a list of additional useful online resources about Russian literature is included.
This guide is primarily aimed at readers who are interested in learning about modern Russia and its literature. It will also be useful for students and scholars of Russian literature, publishers and translators.

Now you can easily discover your new favorite authors in Russia.