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THE KING'S JEW: "Book One - Changeling". (Sept 1238 - Aug 1265)


  • Darius Stransky


  • Jewish
  • Action & Adventure
  • Biographical
  • European
On Wednesday, September 9th 1238 in Cheapside, London on the Feast day of St Gorgonius ((being the 28th day of Elul 4998 in the Hebrew calendar) a vicious crime took place.

A young Jewish girl was attacked by a knight loyal to King Henry the Third. Nine months later the man who became known as ‘The King’s Jew’ was born. Anti-Semitism was the norm in medieval England yet this man became companion to a future king and lived his life in danger and intrigue as he charted a path between two opposing ideology’s.

At Westminster Abbey on Friday, October 27, 1307 Lord Cristian Gilleson keeps vigil at the tomb of Edward I. Death stalks the Abbey as Edward II, Piers Gaveston and their supporters try to bring him down. Many years ago he vowed to spend this last night by the side of his dead friend and Cristian has never broken a promise. A long night beckons and many will not live to see the dawn. Plot and counter-plot at the king's court as "The King's Jew” reflects on a turbulent life with his king. His enemies are many and supporters few yet he will keep his promise to the greatest of England's kings or die in the attempt.

A REVIEW FROM THE USA. " A superb read, recommended for readers of all skill levels. January 4, 2015
By Michelle Smith
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“I only dabble in medieval history- my main passion is American History, so sometimes the medieval books can be difficult for me to enjoy. But Mr. Stransky is able to pull even a novice reader into the medieval world and stay true to the time period. And he does so with grace and beautiful descriptions. It is definitely a rare and special talent to make a reader forget they are reading and instead live within the pages o the book. Darius Stransky has that talent and displays it beautifully in The King's Jew. He is an author that understands the times he writes about as well as the essences of the people who lived in those times. I recommend this to any reader, no matter their skill level."