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Twelve Days (Blackbird Series Book 4)


  • Dahlia Donovan


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There are only twelve days until the Christmas bash Ivy is throwing at Steve and Gareth’s penthouse. How much trouble can a small pack of shifters get into in less than a week? While working to plan the perfect party, she keeps her eye on all of the members of her new family. Each day, a different couple seems to be moving closer together, and she hasn’t even brought out the ruddy mistletoe yet.

At the heart of it all, though, this party started with a wish three years ago for only happy Christmas memories after the worst time of Ivy’s life.

Be warned, things get hot and spicy in this anthology.

Twelve Days is a holiday anthology from the Blackbird series by Dahlia Donovan. Book one, Ivy, and Book two, Natasha along with the Ivy short - Masquerade are currently for sale on Amazon.