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Boomer Women: Three Comedies About A Generation That Changed The World


  • Anne R. Allen


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Three funny books about strong women of the Boomer generation: The Lady Of The Lakewood Diner, Food of Love, and The Gatsby Game

LADY OF THE LAKEWOOD DINER: Who shot Morgan Le Fay? Someone has shot the aging bad-girl rocker and threatens to finish the job. Is it fans of her legendary dead rock-god husband, Merlin? Or is the secret buried in her childhood hometown of Avalon, Maine? Morgan's childhood best friend Dodie, the no-nonsense owner of a dilapidated diner, may be the only one who knows the dark secret that can save Morgan's life. And both women may find that love really is better the second time around. Smart, funny women's fiction for the Woodstock Generation.

FOOD OF LOVE: Part thriller and part screwball romantic comedy, Food of Love tells the story of Regina, a former supermodel, now princess of a tiny European principality, who has lost her skeletal figure and finds herself threatened by an unknown assassin. Food of Love has all the classic elements of comedy thriller and believable farce that have become the hallmark of an Anne R. Allen novel. Beneath its roller-coaster plot and comic exterior, the story addresses complex issues about body image, ethnicity, religion and a woman’s right to choose.

THE GATSBY GAME: This comic novel was inspired by a real unsolved Hollywood mystery—the death in 1973 of David Whiting during the filming of the Burt Reynolds’ movie, "The Man Who Loved Cat Dancing". Whiting was found dead in the motel room of the married British actress Sarah Miles, which caused a massive media scandal. The cause of Whiting's death was never determined.