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How To Be A Writer In the E-Age: A Self-Help Guide


  • Catherine Ryan Hyde
  • Anne R. Allen


  • Creativity
  • Writing Skills
The e-reader has changed publishing in ways few people could have imagined less than a decade ago. When even seasoned professionals are baffled by seismic changes in the industry, how can an author cope?

Catherine Ryan Hyde, #1 bestselling Amazon author of 30 current and forthcoming books including the iconic Pay it Forward, and Anne R. Allen, bestselling humor author and award-winning blogger, offer warm, friendly advice on how to sustain a writing career during this time of upheaval.

You'll see a lot of books out there about how to write, and a whole lot more that promise Kindle millions. But this book is different. It helps you establish a professional writing career in this time of rapid change—and answers the questions so many writers are asking:

•Does an author still need an agent? Can new writers still get published by Big Five publishers?

•What about digital-only imprints, mid-sized publishers, small presses—or should everybody self-publish? How can you tell if you've found a good self-publishing partner, or a scammy vanity press?

•Do fiction writers need a platform? What's the difference between a hook, logline and a pitch? And how are they different from the dreaded synopsis? Does an author need to worry about all that if planning to self-publish?

•Do you need to spend endless hours on social media? Should all authors blog? What are the secrets of a successful blog? How do you cope with rejection, depression, bad reviews and other downsides of the writing profession?

How to be a Writer in the E-Age answers all these questions and more in this fun, information-packed book