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The Monster's Wife


  • Horsley Kate


  • Dark Fantasy
  • Gothic
  • Scottish
  • Science Fiction
  • Historical
  • Romantic
A great Frankenstein sequel, shortlisted for the Saltire Literary Society’s SCOTTISH FIRST BOOK OF THE YEAR. Lovereading says: ‘This gripping gothic thriller manages to put an imaginative new spin on the Frankenstein story. The doomed and mournful scientist is on Orkney seeking to fulfill his pact with the monster and make him a wife. The terrible tale unfolds through the eyes of poor Oona, his housemaid and now accomplice. Horsley combines a deft literary touch and an ease with the intricacies of the weird, with a powerful feminist angle, in this retelling of a much-told story with striking originality. More than yet another attempt at a sequel to a classic, this is a fiercely accomplished fever dream.’ We Love This Book says: ‘The Monster’s Wife is an absolute must read for any gothic fans and especially for lovers of Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein.’