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Smoke 'Em if You Got 'Em


  • Chris Leek


  • Short Stories
  • Crime
  • Single Authors
  • Noir
  • Literature & Fiction
  • Mystery, Thriller & Suspense
From shotgun shacks in the Tennessee backwoods to the black jack tables of Las Vegas, Chris Leek’s debut short story collection takes you on a wild road trip through the bad deals, tough breaks and dead ends that litter the highways of America’s underbelly.

Here you will find winners and losers, whores and gamblers, small time crooks looking for that one big score and small town mentalities coming home to roost. There are no rules, no speed limits and no turning back.

We’ve got some beers in the cooler and a full tank of gas. So come on, climb in. The road is waiting. Who knows, maybe we can outrun the cops and make it all the way to the ocean.