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Cardamom Days Cook Book: Vegetarian Indian Recipes


  • Derek Darke
  • Carol Rockett


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Good, wholesome, home cooked vegetarian Indian food. Much of our Cardamom Days adventure was spent travelling around India and an important aspect of our travels was enjoying the wonderful food we encountered. We ate in guest houses, homestays, restaurants and dhabas and of course we ate street food. Sampling the wholesome meals cooked in age old fashion with fresh vegetables and a myriad of spices proved a revelation never to be forgotten. During this time we tried a lot of different dishes, many of which became firm favourites. This book includes the recipes for some of those favourites, all of which we have now cooked at home and that we are keen to share with you.

Vegetarian cuisine was easy to find, particularly in South India where it is the norm, and these recipes reflect the food that is eaten on a daily basis across the region. There is such variety that non-vegetarians should feel satisfied with these meals as so many textures and flavours are available. The diversity seems endless.