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Undead War (Dead Guns Press Book 2)


  • John Thompson


  • Horror
The Undead War means a battle of survival for the remaining pockets of humanity. It's the only thing that matters these days. Survive and win at all cost. The old ways of life mean nothing anymore. Those God-forsaken 9-to-5 jobs, the bills, the corporate empires, politicians bickering over stupid crap, all those laws on the books and everything that meant anything were swept aside. That includes those nice big screens televisions, computers, jewelry, gold, those fancy cars and the money that everyone slaved their asses off to get - it don't mean a damn thing anymore.

When those things came back to life, the governments said they were going to eradicate the undead, the zombies, zekes, ferals, walkers or whatever those damned things are being called these days, but instead the governments the world over just collapsed. There's nothing left of the old ways of life just the surviving and dying. Everyone here has got a story of the horror of the old days, the days after and everything in between. Everyone here survived, or maybe they didn't but this book might help you survive the hordes and remember those dark days. All you gotta do is just get to reading and maybe you'll learn something. Read the tales from the Undead War from these survivors: Tim Tobin, John L. Thompson, Joseph Rubas, Dave Fragments, Kameryn James, Ryan Neil Falcone, Chris Limb, Matthew Wilson, Kenneth James Crist, Greg McWhorter, M. Leon Smith, Jordan Mierek, Cindy Rosmus, Matthew Howe, John X. Grey, T. Fox Dunham, Paul Dick, Richard A. Becker, Gary Murphy, Essel Pratt, David S. Pointer, Ginny Bowman and Shane DeMink.