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Eight of Cups


  • Mirren Jones


  • Family Saga
  • Contemporary
  • Sagas
Thirty years, six women, one question.
What will it take to set them free?
Dreams, ambitions, pleasures, plans, obsessions and fears. For Diane, Nancy and friends, leaving Edinburgh University in the mid-1970s, such attachments initially serve them well. Heading out from Dalmeny Street to England, Ireland, Wales, America and the Middle East, their very different lives intertwine and paths often cross. But as 40 looms, the going gets tougher. The old attachments tighten their grip and their lives start to shake and unravel - with devastating consequences for some of the group. Eventually each woman is forced to confront her own reality; some with insight, others not. Is there a different and better road ahead? Is there still time to rescue their lives?

‘Eight of Cups’ is a genuine page-turning novel; an entertaining yet bitter-sweet story that asks serious questions about the potential for attachments to smash our hopes of becoming all we can be.

If you like reading Rosie Thomas, Joanna Trollope or Elizabeth Noble then you’ll love ‘Eight of Cups’!

Meet the ‘Dalmeny Street Girls’, in the gripping contemporary saga that reviewers and readers describe as "a compulsive read”, “the perfect blend of humour and real-life drama”, “compelling”.

If you enjoy well-written Women’s Contemporary Fiction that has the power to make you laugh and cry, download a sample or buy Eight of Cups now!

'A compelling debut novel' - The Scots Magazine
‘This is a very enjoyable, easy-to-read, easy-to relate-to first novel by Mirren Jones! Their collaborative approach has resulted in a well written, bitter-sweet story, effortlessly depicting the transition from youthful naivety and idealism, to the harsh realities and experiences of maturity. You are bound to recognise yourself somewhere along the way!’ - Donna Bruce
‘A bitter-sweet story, rooted in familiar Scottish settings, which both entertains and challenges all readers to think about their own attachments’ - Anthony Troon, Columnist
‘This is a stylish six-strand saga spanning over forty years. It’s a genuine page-turner and manages to make you want to know what will become of the characters, and how they get there (not necessarily the same thing). It is also told from two perspectives. One, from the first-person narrative of the primary character, the rather too selfless (as becomes evident) Diane. The other, third person narrative interlocks all six in a brindled strand of narrative priorities. The styles are relatively similar, and there is no jump-cut effect. It is an unusual approach to plotting. It is remarkably wide-ranging, evincing an extraordinary range of knowledges, mostly deftly handled and intelligently plot-directed. The scholarly work is exemplary, far better than in other novels of the mainstream. The transparent, snappy, no-nonsense prose is suited to rapid expository matter, short sub-chapters and a swift scene-change. It is not intended to be literary; nor does it fall into any tiredness of middle-brow cliché. Dialogue is mostly handled with aplomb and dispatch. This is an excellent first novel, handling with deft economy and sometimes magisterial assurance the inter-stranded plot-lines of the six protagonists.’ - Dr Simon Jenner, Literary Fund Fellow