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The Sister: No ordinary crime thriller...


  • Max China


  • Suspense
  • Kidnapping
  • Murder
  • Serial Killers
  • Vigilante Justice
  • Ghosts
  • Psychics
  • British
  • Psychological
  • Crime
CORNWALL, ENGLAND. In the summer of love, 1967, two children witness a murder. One, a seven-year-old boy, views it from fifty yards – the other, a young Irish girl, from miles away.

LONDON, 2006. With retirement looming, DCI John Kennedy reopens the only case he never solved: the disappearance of a young nurse, Kathy, twenty-three years earlier. A Crimewatch cold-case reconstruction follows, tracing Kathy’s last known movements. A new witness emerges, and Kennedy, finding himself on the trail of a serial killer, unwittingly sparks a sequence of evil games which lead him to ever-increasing danger.
As the investigation unfolds, it becomes apparent that the murderer is no ordinary adversary. Resourceful and cunning, it seems only the original witnesses from 1967 can stop him.
But they have yet to meet.

A gripping and compelling story, this epic tale is a must-read for fans who love non-linear plots in their reading. With many twists and turns, this crime, mystery and paranormal suspense thriller veers through many other genres, including the psychological, a unique blend sure to keep you guessing until the end!

“GREAT read. At times I had to remind myself I wasn't reading Koontz or Barclay. Twists and turns keep you interested through every sentence. Intricate weaving of so many different characters and storylines.” Canadian Kindle Reviewer

“Psychology to the nth level, sixth senses are given credence without making lame excuses or outre explanations. Following the major players through time, their interactions on more than just the obvious levels, creates an entrancing and wondrous tale of loss and finding. Enjoy!” USA Kindle Reviewer

“There are so many different words I could use to describe this book, unique, compelling, addictive, poignant, eerie, moving, and I could still go on. But if I had to pick just one word to do this book justice, the choice would be simple. Outstanding.” UK Kindle Reviewer

“The author sucks us into a vortex of characters, places, events that leaves readers gasping for breath and clarity. He provides both and leaves us wanting more though we remain unsure of our ability too take in more. If this is truly a debut novel, be prepared, literary world, for future offerings. I wonder if Max China is the seventh son of a seventh son of a seventh son. This story, set in the British Isles, allows us to glimpse action through the one who has been given a sixth sense, through the policemen on the tracks of a Gasman Murderer, a Midnight Criminal, and a conniving blackmailer. He lets us also see the lives of the victims as they become the prey for a madman. My words do no justice to this skillfully intermingled plot with the well-fleshed characters and the psychological/paranormal drama provided. Just read it with no expectations of having read another novel like it.” USA Kindle Reviewer

“This is not your typical mystery novel, but then again it's not your normal paranormal nor thriller novel either. This book is really three genre mixed into one deliciously tantalizing book. While this book is long and requires the reader to pay close attention so as not to get lost, it is well worth the time and effort.” USA Kindle Reviewer

“Initially I thought that this novel was going to be a dud but 10 pages in and I was hooked, it just got better and better until I couldn't put it down, now I have to search for his other books...” Australian Kindle Reviewer

“This is a gripping tale about a serial killer, his victims, both dead and alive, and the people trying to hunt him down. The author does a brilliant job of connecting the numerous characters, building an intricate, complicated web with infinite patience.
This book doesn't really qualify as a bed-time read - you'd better be awake and concentrating if you attempt it as the author will lead you through various lives, switching between the past and present, subtly casting out thread after thread.” German Kindle Reviewer